Pink Diamond knowledge

Due to popularity and steep prices of Pink Diamond, many questions have popped up regarding the Argyle name. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about Argyle diamonds.

The Argyle mine is one of the most famous diamond mines in the world. Located in western Australia, the mine is responsible for the majority of the world’s pink diamonds but also produces other diamonds as well. And it is closed permanently in 2020.

As one of the largest diamond mines in the world, the Argyle mine produces roughly 8 million carats of diamonds annually. However, only 5% of this astronomical number is gem quality

Despite being known for its pink diamonds, the Argyle mine produces mainly champagne diamonds. It is only a very small percentage of their production that is found in the highly popular colours, such as pink, purple, blue, and red.

What makes their diamonds special is the amazing colours that are found.

The annual Argyle Diamond Tender is an exclusive event that showcases the mine’s finest diamonds to a very select few of invitees who are welcome to bid on and possibly purchase some of the most incredible diamonds on the planet.

The annual Argyle Tender holds between 40-60 of the best diamonds produced each year.


A single offer is made on each of the Tender diamond and only the highest bidder wins.

The Argyle mine produces many exceptional pink diamonds. Having said that, the pink colors, not to mention both the blue and red diamonds they produce are found with exhilarating colors that extremely difficult to source. The company has also done a spectacular job making an international name for their production, which has resulted in a very high demand for the Argyle name. When there is demand, prices tend to skyrocket. A pink diamond with details similar to those of an Argyle stone will most likely cost less.

The Argyle method simultaneously grades both aspects of the color. By dividing pink diamonds into four color categories: ‘purplish pink,’ ‘pink,’ ‘pink rose,’ and ‘pink champagne,’ it pre-divides the diamonds before they even receive the color intensity grade. Each category is then given a number between 1 and 9 (besides pink champagne diamonds which go until 3) based upon its color intensity. The highest color intensity level is one whereas the lowest is nine. So, the highest quality Argyle purplish pink diamond would be a 1PP, the highest pink would be a 1P, the highest pink rose would be a 1PR, and the pink champagne diamond with the highest color intensity level would be a 1PC3.


When one purchases an Argyle pink diamond, he or she is often provided with both a GIA certificate and an Argyle certificate as well.


As the supplier of 90% of the world’s pink diamonds, the Argyle mine has stepped up as an empire that has more to share with the world than just its astounding wares. The exclusive grading system, the branded diamonds, and the prestigious title that an Argyle stone carries is all the ingenious doing of the Argyle Company. The natural build of an Argyle pink diamond versus another pink diamond can include a unique bubble gum pink hue, an unusual hardness, and even a unique fluorescent blue coloring when held under an ultra violet light.

Argyle diamond mine was closed in the year 2020, which means that the supply of pink diamonds already fell by 90%, the public is becoming more aware of fancy color diamonds and they are appreciating fancy color diamonds, especially Argyle pink Diamonds, and demand will only increase. Based on this information, the secondary market for pink diamonds will grow stronger and prices, based on fundamental economic rules, should increase exponentially.


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