Is Ruby Good For Wealth?

Ruby is one of the most valuable gemstones in the world, thanks to its mesmerizing beauty and rarity. Although there is no denying that the value of rubies has fluctuated over the years, there are several reasons why investing in ruby can be a good financial decision.

First and foremost, the demand for ruby has remained fairly steady over the years. Women around the world love ruby as a statement piece of jewelry due to its vibrant red color and unique sparkle. This demand has helped stabilize the price of rubies, making it a reliable investment option.

Additionally, ruby is an incredibly rare gemstone. Unlike other precious stones, the mining of ruby typically yields very few high-quality gems, which makes the supply limited. This is important for potential investors to be aware of because limited supply means that when there is demand for ruby, prices can skyrocket.

Another factor driving the price of rubies is their cultural significance. Rubies have been prized by royalty, scholars, and spiritual leaders since ancient times. In Indian culture, it is believed that wearing ruby can bring good fortune and protect from evil. This cultural significance gives ruby an added value and can help maintain its price for years to come.


In recent years, the price of rubies has steadily increased. According to industry reports, the price of Burmese rubies increased by 63% between 2014-2016 alone. As people continue to seek unique and rare gemstones, experts predict that the demand for ruby will continue to grow, driving up the price further. Like many other investment opportunities, ruby provides a hedge against inflation. With the rate of inflation increasing each year, financial experts are always looking for ways to protect their wealth from the impact of inflation. While traditional investments such as stocks or mutual funds can be vulnerable to market fluctuations, investing in gemstones such as ruby can offer a degree of protection against inflation.


To conclude, despite being vulnerable to market fluctuations, investing in ruby gemstones can be a good long term financial decision. With steady demand, limited supply, cultural significance, and an increasing price trend, ruby offers a unique investment opportunity for buyers. For those looking for a reliable investment option with strong potential returns, ruby gemstones should definitely be considered, both for their aesthetic value and potential financial reward.

The largest and most valuable ruby to ever appear at Auction, Estrela de FURA 55.22 by Sotheby’s New York

Sotheby’s, one of the world’s largest and most prestigious auction houses, is currently preparing to auction off the largest and most valuable ruby in the world. Named the Ruby Estrela de FURA 55.22, this stunning gemstone is a true wonder of nature and is expected to fetch millions of dollars when it goes up for sale.


The Ruby Estrela de FURA 55.22 is a striking deep red color with a hint of purple, which is rare for rubies. Weighing in at an impressive 55.22 carats, this gemstone is one of the largest and most valuable rubies in the world. It was discovered in Mozambique’s Montepuez ruby mine by FURA Gems, a global leader in the gemstone industry.

The auction of the Ruby Estrela de FURA 55.22 is expected to generate a great deal of excitement in the international jewelry market. Experts believe that it could fetch a price exceeding $30 million when it goes under the hammer. Its rarity, size, and stunning color make it a must-have for serious collectors of high-end gemstones.

In conclusion, the Ruby Estrela de FURA 55.22 is a treasure that simply cannot be ignored. As one of the largest and most valuable rubies in existence, it is sure to excite both collectors and enthusiasts alike. With its striking color, exceptional size and rarity, it is a true testament to the power of nature and the beauty that can be created when we work in harmony with it. It will be fascinating to see what price this extraordinary gem will fetch when it goes under the hammer at Sotheby’s later this year.

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