Emerald knowledge

Emerald is the bluish green to green variety of beryl.


Boasting an impressive green color, emeralds typically contain many inclusions, making them quite prone to breakage.  As most emeralds are heavily included, finding a gem that both boasts a rich green color and is lightly included is extremely difficult to come across. It is important to mention that a bright green emerald with inclusion, even if noticeable, can be far more valuable than a flawless, but light colored emerald. JennyBay Diamond specialises in sourcing none-minor oil treatment vivid green emerald for collectors.


  • Colombia: Traditional mine
  • Zambia: Most popular
  • Brazil
CertificateGRS, GIA, Guild, Cubelin, SSEF
TreatmentOil treatment
  • Green
  • Intense green
  • Vivid green
  • Vivid green (muzo)
  • Vivid green (verdant green)