Diamond knowledge

Mostly brand premium. Diamonds have international standard price, only legit diamond suppliers can offer a price that reflects diamonds’ true value.



South Africa is no longer the major diamond mine. Whoever tells you they sell South Africa diamonds is a scammer. No offence. The major diamond mines are in Canada, Russia, and other African countries.


World’s most recognised diamond standard because they are super Strict with their standard and through the years most consistent.

The International Diamond Standard Price is Based on GIA Certification. Don’t worry about blood diamonds. It is a good
movie but all GIA diamonds complied with Kimberley process since 2003.


The four Cs are the four characteristics traditionally used to determine the quality and value of a diamond: carat, cut, clarity, and colour.




OF COURSE! Carat is the first thing you see!

Excellent cutting gives fire and scintillation. CUTTING GRADES IS VERY IMPORTANT!

GIA has a very strict standard, DIFFERENCES ARE VERY MINOR.


To naked eyes under natural lighting, it is hard to tell the differences between E colour and G/H.

Don’t panic. EVERYTHING IS SPOTTED UNDER 60X MAGNIFICATION. GIA grades clarity based on the size, number, location, relief and type of the inclusion.

A busy plot means bad clarity? No!


Important Fact:
100% of VS2 diamonds are 100% naked eye clean.
80% SI1 diamonds are 100% eye clean. That is why an eye clean SI diamond is cost efficient.


Fluorescence = Milky? NO!


Not all fluorescence diamonds are milky under natural light.
But the stronger the F the higher the chance the diamond is milky.


It is a peace of mind!