Fancy colour Diamonds, A Guardian Angel for the Next Generations

The COVID-19 pandemic brought with it unprecedented chaos. a complete lack of clear governmental policy has left many high-net-worth individuals with a feeling of uncertainty, tempting investors to seek out portable forms of wealth.


The notion that Fancy colour Diamonds could be a personal investment emerged in the 1990s, right after buyers noted sharp price increases in the Fancy colour market. Two decades later, after the world had recovered from the subprime meltdown and Fancy colour prices had shown that they could outperform alternative asset classes, the investment community started showing interest in these gems and some local investment initiatives began to take shape.   In the last few decades, the category of rare Fancy colour Diamonds has constantly increased in price. The Natural Coloured Diamond segment is considered to be the least volatile among traditional and alternative asset classes. For example, Blue Fancy colour Diamonds have appreciated by 241% since 2005, while Pink Fancy colour Diamonds have increased by 366%. Incidentally, both categories experienced no significant decreases throughout that period.


  1. Unlike traditional investments that yield income but may fluctuate in value, Fancy colour Diamonds are primarily objects of beauty and passion; they became desirable collectibles among those who realized that Fancy colour Diamonds are a limited resource. As supply is constantly diminishing, new collectors continue to join the club, which enables this exclusive niche to remain stable over the years.
  2. A Fancy colour Diamond mounted in jewellery can be sold globally and privately, much more readily than a colourless diamond can, and without being subjected to any price list or sharp price drops.
  3. When it comes to the stone’s physical aspects, we recognize a few benefits for the diamond category as a whole. The first is a unique value-to-size ratio when compared with other alternative asset classes such as gold, art, vintage cars, or wine.
  4. The second, the fact that a multimillion-dollar diamond is an eminently wearable object, gives its owner a strong sense of freedom and independence, two advantages that should not be underestimated in times of crisis.
  5. The latter is tied to regulation and inheritance tax: Because diamonds are personal, wearable objects (similar to collectible watches), they are among the few multi-million dollar assets that, in most countries, can be physically handed over to loved ones without being subjected to any legal proceedings.
  6. A diamond portfolio or a jewellery collection, regardless of its value, requires no maintenance, nor does it take up any space when stored in a home safe.


  1. The main motivation driving private collectors to acquire Fancy colour Diamonds appears to be the pleasure of exhibiting their refined taste and celebrating their personal success.
  2. Most collectors are aware of the fact that a Fancy colour Diamond can mature as an investment after a long period of time, and, if necessary, may be sold to another collector. An individually-owned gem can be sold through different on-line or off-line consignment platforms, such as auction houses or on-line companies specializing in second-hand luxury goods.
  3. Other collectors feel that such a diamond is an ideal and timeless commodity, one that can be passed on continuously within the family as “the guardian angel of portable wealth.” The fact that the vast majority of mines will stop unearthing rough in about 60 years reinforces this notion exponentially.

Investment Platforms

A platform for colour diamond investment need to combine the DNA of an experienced diamond wholesaler with the business conduct of a fund manager.

Furthermore, Fancy Colour investment platforms need professional diamond buyers who have access to first-hand sources and savvy collectors who can buy these goods.


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