Australian South Sea Pearls: A Pristine Partnership with Nature

Introduction: Jennybay Diamond, a prominent player in the pearl industry since 2017, has been devotedly dealing with Australian South Sea pearls. These exquisite pearls are not just treasures of natural beauty but also the result of a harmonious partnership with nature. Cultured under the strict guidelines of the Pearling Code of Practice, the Australian South Sea pearl industry takes great care to ensure minimal disturbance to the environment. With remote farm locations stretching from Cobourg Peninsula to Dampier, these pristine environments remain untainted by pollution, providing the perfect conditions for producing the world’s finest pearls.

Conservation Efforts:

Australia’s pearl farms operate in proximity to national parks, marine parks, and Aboriginal lands. This strategic selection allows the Pinctada maxima oysters to thrive and produce pearls of unparalleled quality. Committed to ecological sustainability, the pearling industry exceeds the requirements of Australia’s Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act (1999). As a result, Australia is home to the last significant beds of wild South Sea pearl oysters, which have benefited from effective conservation measures. The oyster stocks have thrived, leading to the discovery of natural pearls of the highest quality.

Environmental Responsibility:

Integral to Australia’s pearling practices is the utmost respect for the natural environment and careful management of wild oyster stocks. The conservation efforts have kept the pearl beds healthier than they have been in over a century. The success in preserving the environment and the oysters’ habitat is a testament to Australia’s commitment to environmental responsibility.

MSC Certification:

The Australian pearling industry’s dedication to sustainability and environmental management has been recognized through an independent certification by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC). As the world’s leading nonprofit organization dedicated to sustainable use of wild marine resources, the MSC’s certification is a remarkable achievement for the pearling industry. This recognition further emphasizes the industry’s commitment to preserving the marine ecosystem.

Unique Beauty and Rarity

Australian South Sea pearls are renowned for their extraordinary beauty, which is immediately apparent and difficult to define. With a natural transparency and color overtone known as ‘orient,’ these pearls boast a lustrous appearance, reflecting light from deep within their perfect layers of nacre. The quality and thickness of the nacre contribute to the pearls’ lasting beauty, making them precious heirlooms that can be cherished for generations.

Assessing Quality and Value

“The Five Virtues” – Lustre, Complexion, Shape, Color, and Size – serve as the benchmark for sorting and grading every pearl. While natural pearls often command higher prices than cultured ones due to their rarity, the factors used to assess quality and value are the same for both. Ultimately, the beauty and worth of a pearl are in the eye of the beholder.


The Australian South Sea pearl stands as a testament to the harmonious partnership between the pearl industry and nature. With stringent conservation efforts, the Australian pearl beds remain healthier than ever before, ensuring the discovery of natural pearls of exceptional quality. Jennybay Diamond’s commitment to dealing with Australian South Sea pearls is a testament to their appreciation of these natural treasures, and their recognition of the pearl’s unique beauty and value. As the industry continues to thrive sustainably, it will preserve the remarkable beauty and rarity of Australian South Sea pearls for generations to come.

The Allure of Australian South Sea Pearls: Unrivalled Beauty and Quality

Jennybay Diamond takes great pride in sourcing only the finest non-treated Australian South Sea pearls. Renowned for their unrivalled rarity, quality, nacre thickness, natural lustre, size, and value, Australian South Sea pearls stand as a testament to nature’s exquisite craftsmanship. This article explores the unique characteristics that make these pearls exceptional and sheds light on their evaluation based on “The Five Virtues.”

The Enigmatic Beauty of Australian South Sea Pearls:

Australian South Sea pearls possess an extraordinary beauty that is both captivating and hard to define. With their natural transparency and color overtone known as ‘orient,’ these pearls reflect light in a mesmerizing manner. The terms ‘lustre’ and ‘orient’ describe the appearance of light refracting from deep within the perfect layers of pearl nacre, creating a soft iridescent glow that endures over time.

Natural vs. Cultured Pearls:

Due to their rarity, natural pearls often command higher prices than cultured ones. However, the factors used to assess quality and value remain the same for both types of pearls. Australian South Sea pearls boast fine quality pearl nacre, ensuring their lasting beauty for generations to come.

"The Five Virtues" - Evaluating Pearl Quality:

 “The Five Virtues” – Lustre, Complexion, Shape, Colour, and Size – serve as the guiding principles for sorting and grading pearls. Each virtue contributes to the overall allure and value of a pearl, and they are meticulously assessed during selection.

The Role of Lustre:

Lustre refers to the interaction of light with the layers of pearl nacre. High-quality pearl nacre, laid in perfect symmetry by the oyster, allows light to refract seamlessly, creating a soft iridescent glow. The natural lustre of Australian South Sea pearls stands the test of time, distinguishing them from treated pearls with superficial shine.

Complexion and Shape:

A pearl’s surface imperfections, known as complexion, influence its quality and value. While flawless pearls are exceptionally rare, visible imperfections can compromise a pearl’s allure. Shape, on the other hand, is a personal preference, with round and tear-drop shapes being particularly rare and sought after.

The Palette of Colors:

Australian South Sea pearls boast a wide array of natural colors, often mirroring the overtones of the pearl shell. The pearl’s hue significantly impacts its value, with white, silver, cream, and gold being common color choices. The most prized color is white with pink overtones, adding to the pearl’s allure.

The Majesty of Size:

Australian South Sea pearls are celebrated for their thick nacre and impressive size, typically ranging from 11mm to 16mm. Occasionally, pearls exceeding 20mm are found, commanding high value due to their rarity. However, it is important to note that size is just one of the five virtues considered when evaluating a pearl’s worth.


Australian South Sea pearls stand in a league of their own, offering unrivalled beauty, quality, and value. With their natural lustre, exquisite colours, and impressive size, these pearls are true treasures of nature. Through their commitment to sourcing top-quality non-treated pearls, JennyBay Diamond ensures that each pearl possesses the unique charm and allure that make Australian South Sea pearls truly exceptional.


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